Saint Dominick

St. Dominick Savio – The patron saint of our daycare

Born April 2, 1842; died March 9, 1857.
Canonized in 1954 by Pope Pius XII.
March 9 is the day of Saint Dominick in our daycare.

Dominick was born near Turin in the small town of San Giovanni di Rica. He came from a family with many children. His parents, Carol and Bridgette Savio, exposed him to faith very early on. His mother taught him his first prayers, while his father often took Dominick to the local church.

When he was 5 years old, Dominick became an alter server, and at age 6 he began going to school. He was an exceptionally diligent and good student.

When Dominick was 12 years old, his father signed him up into the Oratorio of Father John Bosco. This was a school as well as a facility for orphaned boys, in which Father Bosco played the role of their father, teacher, as well as friend. Dominick quickly distinguished himself from Father Bosco’s “bunch of troublemakers”. He never fought with his friends. He always knew how to encourage them to be good with his warm smile. Obedient and always bright and cheerful, he made every effort to help his friends by playing with them, helping them in their studies, and teaching them the catechism.

Dominick always helped the needy and he had a good influence on other boys. By giving a good example, he often encouraged his friends to compete in a multitude of good deeds. Even as a young boy, Dominick desired to be a Saint. He had a very simple recipe for sanctity: ”Always be happy, fulfill your responsibilities well, and help your friends.” He lived his short life by this maxim.

Shortly before his 15th birthday, Dominick became sick with tuberculosis. He died on March 9, 1857. Parting with his father on his death bed he called, “Goodbye father! Goodbye! Oh, what beautiful things I see!”

In 1950, Pope Pius XII beatified him, and 4 years later he added him to the congregation of saints. The way to the alter was not easy. It was questioned whether such a young person could be canonized. Eventually, however, Dominick’s age became an asset. Our small hero demonstrated that even in childhood we can attain sanctity.

His example of a cheerful life is a good model for young girls and boys.